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Note Match Game AS3/ XML

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Arnolda Applications & Games Note Match Game AS3/ XML A nice matching game with sounds. Train your hearing and have some fun at the same time. $6 http://www.flashcomponents.net/component/note_match_game_as3__xml.html?ref=Arnolda http://www.flashcomponents.nethttp://u1.flashcomponents.net/components/small/3671_1.png

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A fun matching game to train your hearing. Try to match the same sounds.

You can add your own background images through XML.

- background images are loaded from XML
- background images are displayed randomly
- 4 different end messages, based upon score
- scores are saved in a flash cookie and are shown in a progress bar

The background images I've used, are for sample purposes only and are not a part of the apllication.
- The dog image is public domain,
- The kitten is from ManyWallpapers.com

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